After many years of contemplating what to write about, I finally penned my first book in 2017. I married all the things I loved the most – travel, food, wine and the home. “Feast With Me” is a best selling, award-winning travel inspired cookbook and is the first food and wine pairing book for non-professionals in the Philippines. I’m truly grateful that ”Feast with Me” won the Philippine National Book Awards for the Best Book in the Food Category in 2018 for books published in 2017. It also was a finalist for the World Gourmand Book Awards in 2017.

“Stephanie Zubiri Crespi’s Feast With Me is not just a well written, easy to follow cookbook, but it is a serious literary genre. The narrative of the dishes’ origins befits that of a travelogue. Reading the book, I was vicariously transported to the actual venue: the atmosphere, the scent, and the taste, savouring every morsel of the dish at hand. It felt like I was there seated right next to the writer.” – Claude S. Tayag, artist, chef, author and 37th National Book Awards Judge for Food Category