Why did I choose to start this blog?
For the longest time I’ve put off this project. I didn’t feel I had enough to say nor did I want to just spew random information about my daily life. The journalist in me couldn’t bring myself to put it all out there without some sort of purpose or use. I don’t consider myself an expert in anything in particular except perhaps in the kitchen and entertaining domain but even then that wasn’t enough for me. In the past year or so, especially with this new career in television, I realized that I meet so many people and discover so many things that help me make my life a little better. Whether it’s as simple as how to arrange a nice table vignette or more profound insights in balancing motherhood and career through contentment, the people I encounter have so much to say and so much I can learn from. So I thought finally, maybe I can put all these things down in one place. I intend for this blog to be less about me and what I do but more all the people and things that really help make my life better and more enjoyable. The blog of course still remains very personal and I allow myself the liberty to recount memories, draw from personal experiences and once in awhile ramble on about what ever may be preoccupying me at the moment. I do however collate this under the category – Furthermore – so that readers need not be disturbed by these musings if they don’t want to.

How do I choose what to feature?
Everything featured on this site is something I believe in or something I feel could help others because it’s helped me. Rest assured this site is not about quantity but quality and I would rather not post at all if I am not comfortable with the content. I don’t choose to be exhaustive but carefully curated. Everything that is written is of my own opinion unless otherwise stated or cited from a source.

How do I choose who to feature under People?
It’s pretty much anyone and everyone I find interesting or who I feel may have something of interest to say. I have so many journalist friends who are always writing about other people, I also wanted a place where I could write about them. So you’ll see a lot of familiar names and bylines and they have some of the wittiest answers!

What about sponsored features?
Some features are sponsored but rest assured that again I only work with brands or products that I firmly have faith in. For paid sponsored features, it will be clearly stated at the end of the post. As I’ve mentioned before I don’t wish to feature everything but to write about what’s relevant or of interest to me. I’m not afraid to turn down content or sponsorships if I feel it doesn’t align with my convictions.

Photos, copyrights, etc…
The photos on this site are a mixture of professional photos that I personally commissioned for the site and article, my own personal photos, press release photos, photos given to me for a specific use or in some cases photos taken from other websites. The professional photos will always be credited to the photographer and photos taken from other sites will be credited with a link to the site. Feel free to cite any content or repost photos so long as you properly credit the blog and place a corresponding link to the source article.

Why is there nothing about travel?
Travel is such a big part of my life that I have separate website dedicated to that, created with my friend and partner Vicki Abary. For all travel related posts please visit www.thegypsetters.net.

Why is it that some content somehow feels familiar?
In some cases I have dug up old articles or old recipes that have been previously published and this is because I want to re-iterate a point or release it to a wider audience. Most of the time however I don’t simply copy and paste but rework the piece to make it more current and fresh.