DIY Animal Decor

The internet has a whole boat load of great ideas! I thought it would be really fun to try and do my own decorations since I had some extra free time. these animal cut-outs and animal jar covers were really easy to make and didn’t take too long either. I thought the end result was just great!

seb 2nd party 7Animal Cupcake Toppers

These were really easy to make and double up as cute puppets. The kids played with them during the party.

You’ll need the following:

paper straws

printed photos of animals

colored paper


pom-poms or fuzzy wires



glue gun

diy animal decor 3

First cut out the animals following the shape. Glue them onto colored paper and cut that as well following the outline. Cut little triangles for party hats and using a glue gun glue some pom-pons or bits of fuzzy wire to the end of the hat. Once everything is dry, attach them to the paper straws with some tape. You can find some hi-resoluation animals on a white background by doing a google search. For the best resolution without watermarks look for wallpapers.

diy animal decor 1

Animal Jar Covers

I bought a whole bunch of really inexpensive animal toys at Divisoria. They really weren’t cute and came in strange colors but once painted up they looked great!

For this you’ll need:

super glue

toy animals

jars with covers

spray paint

diy animal decor 4

Glue the animals on to the covers of the jars using super glue. Let it dry. Then spray paint them. Two coats works well and you don’t need to overdo it.

diy animal decor 5

I also did this procedure for the animal decor on the kiddie table. They came out looking great!

seb 2nd party 2

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