Grace Home Candle: The Second Scent

It’s no doubt that Grace Barbers-Baja of The Spoiled Mummy has incredible taste and her refinement goes beyond the realm of her own abode with her line Grace Home. Her recently launch lifestyle brand has finally issued a much awaited second scent to her luxe candle line. The Vetiver, Blood Orange and Almond is a great masculine and earthy complement to her very feminine first product –┬áRose, Talc and Basil. The scent┬áis also really wonderful for the holidays with that earthy Vetiver mingling with rich but fresh blood orange citrus that reminds me of Campari and negronis. The Almond adds that warmth and buttery sweetness that ties the two together. The beeswax candles are poured into a specially designed amber colored glass that reflects the mood of the scent. I would definitely keep this candle burning throughout the Christmas Season and even beyond that in a cozy den or library to add that cozy, old world atmosphere. To know more about Grace Home products and how you can order just visit .

grace candle vetiver

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