Objects of Desire

A few years ago my husband and I were walking down the uüber chi shopping street of Hamburg, Neuerwähl, and came across a beautiful shop of luxury home scents. In the window display was this large candle depicting a few happy monkeys perched precariously on piled books getting drunk on champagne. A wonderful example of pure Fornasetti love at first site. My hubby who really isn’t inclined to spend a pretty penny on a candle was all in to buy it for each other’s christmas present. For once he didn’t think about how heavy or how complicated it would be to bring home, both of us were just some captivated by the whimsical design and equally delicious smell. To date it is still one of my favorite pieces at home.

KISH is the first in the Philippines to finally carry the line of Fornasetti Profumi and these nifty little (or luxuriously large) gems would make a nice gift to someone special. Look at that gorgeous malachite print. Drool. Another reason to visit is that he has created a special section in his store called Gallano focused on carrying a collection of high end objects of desire. Here’s another dreamy malachite inspired piece. If malachite were a color, it would definitely be a favorite.

kish gallano 1

For more information please visit www.kish.ph

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