Currently Loving: Hey Sugardough!

I am a self-confessed Cookie Monster. Even as a child my absolute favorite character from Sesame Street was Cookie Monster. “C is for cookie… that’s good enough for me. The moon is a cookie, thats all I see…” While age and a slow metabolism has caught up to me resulting in a ban of all things sugary and sweet, the one thing I can’t resist is a really good, soft and chewy chocolate chip cookie. Hey Sugardough! at P495 for a tin of 12 is the perfect answer to my cookie cravings! Even better, I love that it’s completely run and operated by the kids of my super mom friend Mikaela Martinez along with her younger brother. I love it when kids have that entrepreneurial spirit! Follow @heysugardough on IG for more info and to place orders. You won’t regret a single calorie of its chewy goodness.

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