Maximilian Jose

There’s a valid reason why I’ve been pretty much absent for the past month and that’s because this little bundle of joy finally made his appearance on the 1st of April. I’d like to introduce you all to: Maximilian Jose Crespi. I had been waiting and waiting for him, thinking he’d come out as early as his brother did (Sebastian was born at 37.5 weeks) and this little guy was nice and comfy in there till 40 weeks and 4 days. Truth be told, I was a bundle of nerves. Sebastian’s delivery went so smoothly and without a hitch, I was worried that the longer Maxi stayed inside the harder it would be. In fact, it was the opposite and in the end he was out in one push! (Thank you yoga!)

maxi 2

We are absolutely overjoyed! It’s amazing how your heart can hold so much infinite love, to have another tiny little being, it just so wonderful. This past month has been a whirlwind of emotions. Trying to make sure the transition with Sebastian will go well, trying to balance your time between each child… It’s really not easy. And to be honest I’m always feeling a little guilty one way or another. Guilty when I’m with one and not the other and vice versa. Guilty that I can’t give Maxi the same kind of 100% attention I gave to Sebastian… Worried that Sebastian might get too jealous of his brother… What a roller coaster! But then you trust in love… And my little Sebastian who isn’t even two years old yet loves his brother so amazingly much. He is so gentle with him, kisses him all the time and looks for him. Once when we were out he received a prize. A hat that was too small for him and he said “it’s for baby Maxi.” It brings tears to my eyes what a kind and loving soul this Sebastian has. And whenever I feel a little guilty about not be able to give Maxi the same attention I gave to Sebastian, I think to myself that in fact he’s an even luckier fella because he’s got one more extra person in this earth who loves him – his big brother.

family photo 1

So little Maxi – welcome to this wonderful world! We may not be the most perfect parents but one thing is for sure you will never be without an abundance of love!

Thank you to Stanley Ong for these gorgeous photos… Frazzled new mom me completely forgot about our shoot and wasn’t ready when he showed up. But he’s so amazing with babies and kids everything went so well.

maxi 3

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