Currently Loving: Coral Swimwear

I had always been a bikini girl. Even when I was 9 months pregnant I shamelessly wore bikinis to the beach. Fortunately after Sebastian, I bounced back right away with the right diet and exercise. With Maxi, not quite so. Even If I had gone back to my pre-pregnancy weight, the skin on my tummy was much looser and things were just not as taut as it used to be. Le sigh. Fact of life. It was then I discovered the beauty on one-piece suits. The right suit can hold everything in, is extremely flattering and prevents you from having a Madonna nipslip moment on the beach chasing after two toddlers. I particularly love this suit by Coral Swimwear. The Vaea is only P2,250! The local brand is well made, reasonably priced and has different cuts for all body types. I love how this cute suit looks equally great with a skirt! Taking you from beach to boozy lunch in no time! Check out !

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