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Ever since I became a mom I became a lot more aware about what goes into our bodies and what kind of harmful chemicals are there out there and with the rainy season up and coming and every one getting sick I wanted to delve into natural remedies for common ailments. I was able to interview super holistic mommy, Monica Eleazar Manzano, co-founder of Flow Retreats, for Modern Living TV who shared with me her natural remedies for common ailments. I wish I could commit as much as she does. I think its amazing and no matter what we can still embrace a little bit of it in our lives. I love the idea that we are going back to the remedies that have kept our ancestors alive and well before modern medicine. And personally I feel like it’s nice to have a good balance between the two and exhaust your natural options before turning to traditional medicine.


“I would say natural remedies would almost be 100% plant based because everything from the earth is good and healing so we always come back to it. What I do now is instead of rushing to my doctor my paediatrician whom I love so dearly because she’s also a homeopath I concoct my own remedies at home.” – Monica, My Little Globetrotters and Dharma Dreams Big


Oregano Tonic:

“I have a whole patch of oregano at home! It grows like a weed so if you just stick it in your soil here its going to grow and its free. Oregano tonic is good really good for cough and my husband just realized its also good insect repellent so you just rub the leaves on your legs the insects won’t come near you”. You can also go through The Jaguar Path for holistic healing techniques.

To make: take a whole bunch of oregano leaves and pour boiling water on it. Let steep for 5 minutes, remove them from the water then use your hands or a mortar and pestel to crush the leaves and release the juices. Use it with a dropper or mix with some honey and calamansi to balance the bitter taste.

Camote Tops Juice:

“This is a very good staple drink in my home because dengue season is out there and again I do not use any pharmaceuticals which means I also don’t vaccinate because I believe vaccinations weaken the immune system. This is what I give instead to keep our immunity up. Camote tops are only like 10 pesos or 5 pesos per bundle in the market but you can also grow this in your own garden for free. We are also using honey and calamansi which are both very good for the immune system.”

To make: Use the purple camote tops and steep like a tea in boiling water for about 10 minutes. The result should be a dark purple juice. Add calamansi juice and honey to sweeten. Allow to cool and serve over ice if you wish.



“Just for space clearing and that lingering bad juju, when you know that people have the cough, cold, fever, flu around in your household staff, I smudge. Just burn some white sage or palo santo and spread the smoke everywhere.

Aurum Cardiodoron:

“This is good for regulating heart rhythm so if you go out of your rhythm because of jetlag or a heartbreak, you take this. You take about 10-15 drops under the tongue. It’s so travel friendly you can bring it with you everywhere. because I travel often like you and if my kids can’t sleep at night then you know I give them some as well.”

***Weleda is a wonderful German Homeopathic brand that is so well established, it’s often the first recourse before traditional medicines when I go to Germany. My mother-in-law swears by them. Visit their site to learn more about Aurum Cardiodoron.***

Oil Pulling:

“Everyday I oil pull this is made from pure Virgin Coconut Oil and essential oils. Oil pulling is the Ayurvedic practice of detoxifying through swishing oil inside your mouth everyday. The cute thing is I’ve been doing this for a while and my 9 year old son who is down with a nasty bug, asked me just last week ‘Mom how do you do this? I want to start doing this.’ So its like wow! I’m doing these things, with the hopes of influencing my children and they finally get it and now he’s also very cautious about what he eats as well.”


Essential Oils:

“So then I also use pure essential oils for everything and anything. One of the very basic and staples that I have is Lavender to help with sleep. You would massage just a drop on sweet almond oil which is very good for children or Virgin Coconut Oil because we have an abundance here, massage on the feet, on the chest or just a drop on the pillow. You can also just inhale them because essential oils are so pure it gets ingested right away and if you inhale it, it goes to the organs and the blood stream within minutes. It’s very pure, like a drop would have so many pounds worth of flowers. That’s why it is also very expensive because of its potency. You should always have a carrier oil, especially when dealing with children.”

Rescue Remedy by Bach Flower Remedies:

“I also highly recommend this Rescue Remedy by Bach Flower Remedies. This is for shock or if they’re feeling anxious or something is just not right in their world because we’re dealing with very small children. You just put 4 drops underneath the tongue. My daughter once, she was jumping on the bed she hit her lip and it bled. She was on a state of shock and more shock than pain but there was blood. I gave her this and it calmed her. So for any accidents, trauma for any shifts in their rhythm I would give that and it helps relax and calm very frightened children.”



“Sometimes my children play with crystals because children are just so smart they are naturally drawn to things that would heal them. These are chakras stones and they’re designed to balance the different parts of the body. Wherever that we have congestion or a little bit too much energy blockages in the body just means energy that wasn’t able to release. That’s why movement and exercise and just keeping your kids busy with sports and just let them play free range out of the garden is so good and healthy for them. I have them these stones at home and they’re just in my sacred altar and my children have access to them whenever they want to play with them because they’re just intuitive healers.”


“This is also a homeopathic remedy I give this to my son for when he’s feeling a little melancholic or when he’s kind very tired. ‘Ferrum Sidereum is also known as Stardust. Just a knife tip for under 10 years old under the tongue its kind of sweet so its a powder and they love it they really love it.”

(I really love the magic in this! Here honey, don’t feel blue, take some stardust… –SZC) ***to learn more about Anthroposophic Medicine here is a nice article by Rudolf Treichler M.D.***

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