25 Years of Exceptional Service

Creative Director, Writer, and Editor

A corporate project for Manila Water Company, this book celebrates their 25th Anniversary and champions the hardworking men and women behind their success.

Published in 2022 in commemoration of Manila Water Company’s 25th Anniversary, Unwavering: 25 Years of Exceptional Service, was a year-long collaboration between Stephanie Zubiri, photographer, Scott A. Woodward, and the corporation. Accompanying Woodward to his loaction shoots, he and Zubiri documented the operations of the entire company from source to end product. By conducting in-depth interviews with various employees of all levels and aligning with core brand values and messaging, Zubiri conceptualized the entire project. By using a lyrical narrative and the voices of the employees, she tells the success story of MWC in a manner that can be appreciated by all audiences. Accompanied by the stellar photography of Woodward, the book is proof that corporate publications need not be boring. Book design is by Karl Castro and copyediting by Jacs Sampayan.