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It’s hard to believe that the promising new graphic-design icon Leslie David worked in black and white before mastering the world of color. Studying at Beaux-Arts in Lyon and Arts Deco in Strasbourg, her academic background initially gave her a taste for geometry and orderly patterns. But soon pop colors caught up with this intrepid illustrator, making their way into her psychedelic collages. Now Leslie David blends the luxurious with the hip quite naturally. Jack-of-all-trades claiming to operate on instinct, she loves to twist everything around and to carry her colorful world from one project to the next as if it were easy as pie: a book on Nike and surfing, an electric blue design job for Red Bull, a lovers’ alphabet for Chanel and Colette’s new graphic guidelines.

Inspired by the Love Letters album cover designed for the electro pop group Metronomy, diptyque asked Leslie David to revisit the romantic Toile de Jouy prints for its new Rose Delight collection. Drawing and stenciling were the artist’s two secret weapons, reminiscent of the techniques used for fabrics printing. Her pencils, her smile and her imagination took care of the rest – creating an entire world where tradition, pop colors and orientalism come together as one.


Leslie David Drawings

Eau Rose

Dptyque loves to revisit and update the fragrance rituals of yesteryear. Sensual, elegant rituals that gradually make the ethereal tangible. During the 18th century, women powdered every inch of their do’s with fragrant talcum. Three hundred years later, their manes are as important to pamper as ever. The new Eau Rose hair fragrance promises vibrant shine that’s soft to the touch. How can this be? The virtuous Camelia oil, nourishing and protective, that makes the rose wake even more voluptuous. The scent becomes tangible in the hair…

Although the hair fragrance created for this occasion is part of the brand’s permanent collection, its blue hue (the perfect complement for Rose Delight’ wardrobe), also dresses all of the products in the Eau Rose collection during this brief bucolic episode. One of the brand’s most iconic fragrances, this infusion of Centifolia and Damask Rose is a tribute to every aspect of the flower. Neither too green nor too sweet, this fragrance artfully conveys the delicacy and grace of rose petals.

Eau Rose Body Lotion and Hand Lotion

Eau Rose Solid Perfume


Eau Rose Roll-on and Eau Rose Scented Soap


Eau Rose Hair Perfume


Rose Delight

For its new limited-edition collection Rose Delight, diptyque is bringing the Orient into the lovers’ garden, drawing inspiration from the Turkish Delight, a luscious sweet born on the shores of the Bosphorus. Rose under the influence. This delicately full-bodied redolence is captured by the pop-oriented eye of a rising star in the world of graphic design. In the background, the Toile de Jouy – cotton fabric featuring bucolic images that created quite a stir among the 18th century Versailles elite. This printed fab ric lined the walls of the avant-garde aristocrats salons, embodying what would come to be known as the French Touch long before its time.

Under Leslie David’s mischievous wand, loves frolics take on oriental motifs, echoing Rose Delight’s sweet smell. Peacocks and palm trees, swans and the Taj Mahal, the chivalrous rural scenes Marie Antoinette loved so much steal the show. At that same time, in Constantinople, a young confectioner invented a soft, tender treat in which candied rose unites with honey under the blessings of lemon and powdered sugar giving birth to the incomparable Turkish Delight. Soon, couples began to offer each other these sweets wrapped in little handkerchiefs as a symbol of their love.

A nod to diptyque’s early days: boulevard SaintGermain, at the very beginning, when the brand’s co-founders, Christiane Gautrot and Desmond KnoxLeet designed printed upholstery fabrics which they made and sold in their boutique, along with their first scented candles.
A nod to the Orient: the Toile de Jouy, a true globetrotter, followed in the footsteps of India’s worldfamous cotton prints sold by the East India trading company until the 17th century.

Everything about it, even its name pays homage to the Orient and the perfumer’s imagination: take a Turkish Delight, add the fragrance of a rose, and like a recipe, you’ll discover an exotic, languorous treat for all the senses. Wrapped in the pale pink Toiles de Jouy motifs master-minded by Leslie David, Rose Delight is its own, unique, Limited Edition collection featuring silky, scented paper for the home, delicate wax candles and scented ovals to imbue your linens. Rose petals, drips of honey, a zest of lemon – the Rose Delight candle, all dressed in pink, was crafted like a refreshing gourmet treat. Crisp top notes, followed by an enveloping heart– its floral facets beguile the nose like a cloud in the sky captivates the eye.



Rose Delight Candle, 190g, 68$*

Rose Delight Candle, 70g, 35$*

Rose Delight Scented oval, 35g, 50$*

Rose Delight Scented paper, 70$*


Eau Rose EDT, 100ml, 130$*

Eau Rose Hair Mist, 30ml, 48$*

Eau Rose Solid Perfume, 3.6g 50$*

Eau Rose Roll-on, 20ml, 55$*

Eau Rose Hand Cream, 45ml, 35$*

Eau Rose Perfumed soap, 150g, 28$*

Eau Rose Hand and Body Lotion, 200ml, 55$*

*Recommended retail price

Available in January 2018 at the Diptyque stores and other Diptyque retailers


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